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Yeh Vaada Raha 20 January 2017 Watch Online

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th December 2016 Written Update

  • Abeer says her slaps are haunting me. until I take revenge I received’t be capable of stay. Kamini says shut up Abeer. Abeer says even though I should leap to make her my spouse i will do this.
    Abeer involves the building. Reporter asks are you going to suicide? He says I have no other alternative left. i will kill myself today. She thinks i’ve not modifications. A female says you could marry me. he says i’m able to most effective reflect onconsideration on Khushi now. Police comes and says that is against the law. We gained’t permit you to try this. Abeer says I just need Khushi to get the message that i have changed. Inspetcor says arrest him. We received’t permit this manifest. Abeer runs in the direction of he building. He stands one building. Khushi and Kartik are watchihng it too. Kartik says he’ll jump. Khushi says i’m bringing food. Abeer stands
  • on the threshold. Kamini says don’t soar. Pratap says what are you doing abeer that is madness. Don’t soar.
    Khushi says papa please eat. this is all drama. he’s going to come downstairs. Pratap calls Khushi and says please forestall him. He can do something. Khushi says this is all emotional blackmail. Pratap says he isn’t always pretending this time. Please come here most effective you can forestall him. Khushi says i will’t consider him. I know he’s a drama. newshounds telecast it stay. they say will Khushi come or will abeer bounce? Pratpa says Abeer i’m able to name Khushi please come downstairs. Abeer says no dad.
    Khushi says he might be uncovered in some time. simplest a minute is left. 30 seconds are left. all and sundry asks abeer to come back downstairs. 9.. eight.. 7.. 6.. 5.. four.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Abeer jumps. everybody is dazed. Kartik shouts Khushi he jumped. Khushi is greatly surprised. Khushi drops the plate. Police catches him in a internet. Pratap and Kamini run closer to him. Abeer says why did you store me? Inspector says we couldn’t allow you to die. you have to come with us to prison. Abeer says arrest me. however one issue is apparent you all are answerable for this. You punished me to go to her vicinity. I need to long past to jail for 6 months. They arrest him. Pratap says you can’t arrest him. Inspector says it’s a criminal offense. Khushi comes there jogging. Kamini says call the comissioner do something. Khsuhi comes there. Khushi says what is all this? Inspector says our men stored him. Or he might have died. Khushi says simply shut up. What do you need to prove? What you thought if you died i would have recognised that you modified? And which you love me? Abeer says a few human beings fall in love after marriage and that’s what I need. Please provide me one remaining danger. Please Khushi. Abeer says forgive me if you may. all of the human beings says forgive him Khushi please. Pratap says Khushi my son is so stubborn. supply him a risk to exchange please. Kartik says Khushi please say sure. He has changed he became going to kill himself. Abeer sits down on his knees. Abeer says provide me one ultimate chance please Khushi. Khushi nods. anybody claps. Pratap hugs Kartik. Abeer extends his hand, Khushi holds his hand.
    Scene 2
    Khushi gets equipped for wedding ceremony. She is carrying the bridal get dressed. Kartik comes and says you appear to be your mother these days. i am certainly missing her nowadays. Khushi says i’m missing her too. Abeer says take her blessings then. He says our benefits are constantly with you. you’re the high-quality daughter on this global. but I wasn’t the best husband. I genuinely loved Survi but couldn’t believe her occasionally. That’s why she isn’t with us. however you always have confidence for your husband. Don’t ever cut loose him.
    Khushi and Abeer take Kartik’s benefits. Pratap says we’re taking our daughter in law. Abeer holds her hand. Khushi says why are you preserving the hand so tightly? Abeer says so you can never take it from me. Khushi smiles. They leave. Khushi hugs Kartik. Khushi says take care papa. They go away.
    Khushi and Abeer come home with Pratap. Pratap does her grehparvaish. Kamini says i have organized for it already. all of the guests are there.