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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th February 2017 Full Episode 285
Jaana Na Dil Se Door 17th February 2017 Full Episode 285

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • The Episode begins with Suman saying I simply have proper on Sindoor, mangalsutra and Ramakant’s p.C, you’ve got rights on relaxation of the matters, you, your son and bahu can stay any manner you like. Sujata says Vividha is still your bahu. Suman asks are you taunting me, every body is aware of Vividha loves Atharv. Sujata says no, Atharv is her beyond, and Ravish is her present. Suman says Atharv is her present and future too, she will be able to always love Atharv. Sujata says the Atharv she cherished is completed, Ravish loves Vividha, she will constantly be your bahu. Suman says question isn’t that Ravish loves Vividha, query is does Vividha love Ravish, i understand what one sided love does to lifestyles. Sujata says i will communicate to Vividha.
  • Suman turns and sees Ravish, Vividha and whole circle of relatives. Ravish stops Suman and maintains Ramakant’s
  • p.C back. Suman stops him and symptoms no. She says permit me move. Ravish says you are not going everywhere. Suman says i can’t live. Dadi Bua says Ravish can request you, i will order you, nobody goes everywhere. Vividha and every body ask Suman to live returned. Suman cries. Ravish nods to her.
    Atharv performs with toy automobile. A man comes and says you gave grievance of vehicle no longer working properly. Atharv asks did my grievance pass so quickly. Ravish says he has come for my car. He goes with the man. Suman tells Daddy ji what Sujata said. She says you can feel Sujata said right, however I don’t assume so. He says sorry, I failed in my eyes, then your and your dad’s sight, I proudly asked for your hand for my son, being certain to give you a good deal happiness in this residence. She says its now not your mistake, it was written in my fate.
  • Vipul says our fate is awful, we did no longer get whatever, simply 10% share, that guy man were given 30%, if he was not right here, he could have got plenty percentage. Bhoomi consoles him. Kalindi says we are able to no longer get something if we ask, but we can seize something. Suman says I don’t have any hope till Atharv stays in front of Vividha, Ravish and Vividha’s relation will be simply on papers. Daddy ji consents.
  • The man checks automobile and says there is brakes trouble and oil leak, i can get some items. He is going. Atharv asks Ravish to repair his vehicle additionally. Ravish says i’m able to get new one for you the following day. Atharv says I m smart and huge boy, i’m able to pressure this car. Ravish says no, you may’t drive. Ravish gets a call and is going. Ravish keeps keys at the side table. Atharv says captain has big car, i’ve such small automobile, i’m able to tell Vividha and Sujata to offer me big vehicle. A person throws automobile keys to him. Atharv says this are keys of large vehicle, i will additionally pressure, i will study this myself. He opens the auto door. He sits and suppose the way to begin vehicle. Vividha calls him out. He starts the auto. She hears the sound. He thinks a way to force. She receives greatly surprised seeing Atharv riding and shouts to prevent him. She shouts to Ravish. She runs after Atharv and hides a rickshaw to observe Atharv.
  • Atharv drives the automobile and enjoys. She follows him. The automobile brakes fail. Car motive force tells Vividha that automobile’s brakes aren’t operating. Vividha receives beforehand of the car. She makes the person location the wood sticks in the way to interrupt down vehicle’s pace. Atharv drives there. She shouts Atharv.
  • Ravish attempts calling Vividha. She receives Atharv home. Ravish asks how is Atharv. She asks how will you give automobile keys to Atharv, he does not realize riding, you realize his mental nation, if something happened to him. He says I did now not supply keys. She asks then who gave it. Suman asks her not to speak in high tone, why will Ravish lie, he did no longer deliver keys. Vividha says how did Atharv get keys. Atharv says Ravish did now not supply me keys, someone has thrown keys to me, keys flew in air and came. Kalindi says now he has stolen keys and making stories. Atharv says I m no longer making testimonies. Suman asks Vividha to suppose ten times before shouting on Ravish, why did you communicate in high tone. Ravish says its high-quality, take rest now. Atharv says I did no longer take keys. Sujata takes him.
  • Its night, Vividha goes to Ravish and apologizes. She says I m feeling guilty, I recognize you adore Atharv lots. Ravish asks her not to express regret. She feels awful and clarifies. He says we are able to’t afford that Atharv gets harm, I may be alert. She asks how are we able to be alert all of the time, how is that this viable, I feel someone is making an attempt to harm Atharv. He gets greatly surprised. Suman, Kalindi and Vipul are shown.