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Mere Angne Mein 12 February 2017 Full Episode
Mere Angne Mein 12 February 2017 Full Episode

Mere Angne Mein 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • The Episode starts with Raghav lacking Shanti. He desires she was here with him to face these items. He prays Shanti succeeds in her work and comes again soon. He receives dizzy and faints. Nimmi and Kaushalya see him and shout. Nimmi calls medical doctor. Kaushalya makes him lie down. The man says sorry Shivam, that is formality, you need to signal before combat. Shivam thinks its lethal fight. He asks what’s written in it. The man says in case you die throughout fight, we will provide your body with one you got here right here, we want join up worried individual also. Riya sees Shivam.
  • Shanti and Pari pop out of the room. A man stops Riya. Riya asks why, I want to see my husband. Shanti hears Riya and says I assume Riya is here. Pari asks why are you questioning for them, they may be having picnic. Shanti has the same opinion to Pari. Riya
  • beats the man and runs. Her mangalsutra falls. She picks it and runs to Shivam. Shivam symptoms on the contract.
    She comes to him and asks where did you go with out saying, what’s taking place. She wears her mangalsutra and asks what are you hiding. He says nothing. She sees loss of life settlement written. She asks him to expose papers. He says its my imp doctors. She says I examine death in it. He receives stunned.
  • Physician says Raghav fainted by using heavy pressure, permit him relaxation. Raghav says i’ve visible worse days, I m now not younger now, I simply were given the surprise and fainted, don’t worry. Kaushalya says you could get my age. Nimmi asks them to welcome Shanti, I m sure she can come the next day. He says I m pleased with you, I additionally sense Shanti will come tomorrow, try to name her and take her welfare. Doctor asks him to take relaxation and feature medicines. Shivam asks Riya to now not ask for papers again, its coverage papers. She asks him to expose it. He says please, sign on it, they have to depart.
  • She refuses. He insists. He hides the papers and takes her sign. He offers papers to George. The man says you have 3 days now. Shivam says he method for my combat, don’t get concerned, come we will visit room. He calls her Malkain. She laughs and says you may’t act like Papa ji. He says exceptional, check this. She calls him horrific actor. The female calls Riya mad. Riya argues with the female. Shivam says Riya come with me, and apologizes to the girl.
  • Kaushalya calls Shanti and couldn’t connect. Raghav asks her to call Pari. Kaushalya says Pari is young, what’s going to she control. Nimmi says Pari might be playing on my own. Shanti Prasad comes to threaten them about Shanti’s recreation. He goes to sit on swing. Kaushalya stops him and says its rule that simply Shanti sits in this swing. Shanti Prasad says oh, I did mistake. He makes his men sit on swing and says this swing belongs to me now. Raghav says i can name police and complain. Shanti Prasad asks him to name police. Raghav says you have to be fearful of Lord, so Lord is punishing you, your son were given missing. Shanti Prasad ambitions gun and threatens to kill Raghav.
  • Pari receives Sarla’s name. Shanti asks her to speak and is going in advance. Sarla asks Pari to run away with cash and imp papers, once we get money, we don’t want to keep relation with Shanti Sadan. Pari says my recognition is on cash. She ends name and sees Shanti listening to her. Shanti asks what passed off, is there any tension. Pari receives relieved. She says no, Sarla changed into missing us and crying.
  • Shanti Prasad says i will live right here till Shanti gives news of my son’s welfare, i can rule here. He sits on swing and asks Kaushalya to prepare dinner food for them.
  • Riya is involved. Shivam asks why is she dissatisfied now. He tries to cheer her up. She hugs him. Her mangalsutra gets caught to his blouse. He asks her to hug him inside mangalsutra. She hugs and they smile. He asks her to mention love you. She says I know however.. Quality i’m able to not say i love you soon. He says we will see, i’m able to give you many surprises that you get helpless to say i really like you.