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Ishqbaaz 25th February 2017 Full Episode Star
Ishqbaaz 25th February 2017 Full Episode Star

Ishqbaaz 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Shivaye holds Anika. O jaana….Plays….. Anika says I should pass. He asks who stopped you. Tia gets near Shivaye. Anika walks inside the room and sees them. Sometime before, Soumya says i will get papers signed, you get the fridge. Rudra sees Tia with girls. He sees Romi and says why do I experience I saw white one somewhere. He asks who’re you. Soumya says fridge corporation guys are coming to take fridge, I want your signal, just own family individuals can sign. Rudra signs. Tia takes Shwetlana and Romi. Rudra sees them long gone and asks who became with Tia. Soumya says don’t realize, Tia said they were given fruits and vegs from farm. Dadi asks in which is Anika. Soumya says we have been getting items out of refrigerator some time returned, then I did not see her. Rudra says Shivaye will realize it. Shivaye asks what. Dadi asks where
  • is Anika. Shivaye says how will I understand, she perhaps around.
    The guys drag the refrigerator. Anika shivers in bloodless. The men push the refrigerator toward pillar. Shivaye asks the guys to be careful. Dadi asks for Anika. Rudra says i will locate her. Tia comes and says Shivaye I want to speak some thing private. Rudra says Anika isn’t in room. Dadi says Anika isn’t at home, don’t you know in which is she. Shivaye says you all are with Anika, its her stupid plan. Rudra asks what. Shivaye says you act awful. Soumya says there may be no plan. Shivaye says you understand she is hiding and asking me wherein is she. Rudra asks why will Anika do this. Shivaye says in order that i get concerned for her, she wants to prove this. Rudra says she isn’t right here. Shivaye says exceptional, i can name her. He calls Anika. Tia worries. Anika’s cellphone earrings.
  • Tia says Anika may additionally have time for silly video games. I don’t have time, I need to talk urgently. Shivaye and every person listen the hoop. Shivaye asks the guys to stop. He is going in the direction of the fridge and calls again. The telephone rings. He opens the door. Anika falls out. He holds her. Dadi, Rudra and Soumya get shocked. Shivaye lifts Anika. They run to Anika. Shivaye shouts Anika. Rudra says how did she attain in fridge. Shivaye takes her. Tia appears on.
  • Priyanka is at camp. She sees Ranveer and concerns. She goes. A few guys see her and smile. She is going inside the tent. Anika gets aware. Soumya says i’m able to get kada for you didi. Rudra says what Didi, name her Bhabhi, admire new members of the family, it changes. Soumya says we will just come. They pass. Anika sees Shivaye in the back of them. He says its limit is stupidity, who hides in refrigerator. She says I did not conceal, I m no longer so mad to sit internal fridge. He says you may do something to win silly project, you already know you’ll have died. She says perhaps I fell in refrigerator. He says there may be distinction between fridge and swimming pool. She says I realize, none falls in both purposely, I don’t forget i was status close by refrigerator, then I slept maybe, I don’t take into account what occurred then. He says regular human beings sleep in bed room on mattress after they get sleep, and you slept in refrigerator. She asks him to pay attention. He asks her to maintain palms within the sheets and covers her nicely. She seems at him and says akdu/boastful. He asks did you assert whatever.
  • Priyanka adjustments inside the tent. Someone clicks her photographs. She hears the sound and turns to see. She receives bowled over. Tia says Anika’s fate changed into accurate that Shivaye stored her. Shwetlana says our fate became properly that we got saved. Romi says Rudra nearly stuck her, if each person saw us, your exit would have befell earlier than our access. Shwetlana asks Tia to understand, you’re taking risks, we ought to neglect Anika and recognition on plan. Tia says ya, but what’s your plan. Shwetlana says what is going to be seen will no longer appear, and what’s going to manifest will now not be seen. They say in each way and at any fee, Oberois could be ruined.
  • Priyanka shouts who is here and appears round. She collides with Ranveer and pushes him. She asks what’s this misbehavior. He asks what are you announcing. He says you need to blackmail me and make me agree, you’re doing this in your sister, how will you do that with someone else’s sister, you’re so fallen that i can’t even hate you, punish me whatever, don’t play with my recognize, if the pics leak, i will die, I request you to return that digital camera. He asks what digicam. She says same digital camera by which you clicked my snap shots whilst i used to be converting. He gets stunned and asks did all people click your photographs. She says don’t act, I recognize you probably did this, please return it.
  • Rudra asks Anika how is she. Anika says I m pleasant, did the refrigerator get first-class. He says sure, why did you hide in refrigerator, you are already cool. She says no, I did no longer cover in refrigerator. He says you can inform me, even I had want to take a seat internal refrigerator and feature icecream, you could inform me later. He goes. She says none wants to consider me, how did this get satisfactory. Dadi comes and asks Anika do you need to hide in refrigerator once more. Anika says no, I did no longer cover intentionally, I removed all matters and had tea. She recalls ingesting tea and recognizing Tia. She thinks is Tia at the back of all this. She says I don’t remember. Dadi says take care, don’t do something that dangers your existence.
  • Rudra says if she did not conceal, how did she get internal refrigerator. Soumya says I don’t understand, however …Rudra says Anika went inside fridge as she had wager with Shivaye, how can women be so silly, men are smart. She calls him duffer. They argue. She says we take dangers when we’ve full confidence that our prince fascinating will come to rescue us. Shivaye hears them and hides under staircase. Rudra asks what, are you critical. She says ya, did you no longer see how Shivaye stored Anika, he took her to room lifting her by means of love, how romantic. He says he as in anxiety. She says romance isn’t always dancing between mountains carrying chiffon sarees, romance is taking care with out expressing. Shivaye signs and symptoms and stops Anika. He pulls her along and signs and symptoms her to listen. Rudra says you are traditional girl who wishes prince charming that will help you in all troubles.
  • Soumya says right, what’s incorrect in that, each girl has such dream. He says you act to be strong. She says I m sturdy, this feeling is very unique, when you recognise a person is always status with you. Rudra says in case you fall in any hassle, i will prevent. They see every different. Rudra says but i will’t carry you want Shivaye lifted Anika, your weight is lots. She says very humorous, and slips downstairs. Rudra holds her. They’ve an eyelock. Do dil mil rahe hai…..Plays…. Shivaye and Anika see every other. He stops Anika and symptoms her to be quiet. He holds her near. Anika asks what are you doing. He asks what am I doing. She says I have to move. He asks who stopped, and suggests his arms are off her. She is going in advance. He holds her and says listen….. Nothing…. She smiles and goes. Shivaye smiles.
  • Tia comes to Shivaye’s room and shuts the door. Tia asks what are you doing. He says I needed to reply some emails. She shuts his laptop and asks him to get some time for her and child. She says I m restless considering the fact that few days and unable to sleep, I m scared this will have an effect on our infant. He says you need rest. She says so I came here, mental relaxation is essential along bodily rest, I want to relaxation with you. He says I need to finish my emails. She holds him and lies down. Anika walks inside the room and appears at Tia angrily. Shivaye sees Anika.