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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12 March 2017 Full Episode by Star Plus
Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12 March 2017 Full Episode by Star Plus

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2017 Written Update

  • Kokila prays god and confesses that she did a massive sin through considering innocent Jaggi as perpetrator. She just wanted to get justice to her son Ahem, she did no longer realize a person else killed Ahem and now not Jaggi. Now that she is aware of the truth, she wants to repent. She is feeling guilty for troubling Gopi, Jaggi, Urvashi and others. She will be able to do something for forgiveness. Urmila comes and says she will be able to ought to take her assist for that. Urmila indicates her to bless Gopi so that she will be able to start a new life with Jagg and asks if she will help her in this plan. Kokila nods yes and continues her hand on her hand.
  • Dharam experience dinner with circle of relatives and says he’s feleing appropriate after all the troubles looked after out. Eera says day after today her children will come home. Vidya says she has sterilized youngsters’s
  • room and brought an incubator domestic, which will preserve youngsters’s temperature and keep them away from infection. Dharam says they are his children and are robust, says Shravan uused to play in mud more than in cradle Gaura receives call. She rejects them again and again, goes to her room and choices name. Her aide inform her a few terrible new. She asks why he is giving awful information, is it real….She is coming there in sometime. She yells she plans some thing againnst Modis and her plans fail.
    Gopi takes water to Kokila’s room. Kokila apologizes her for troubling and doubting her. Gopi says mom can’t make an apology child like this. Kokila says Gopi always fulfilled obligations of a daughter, so she wants to bless her and says “akhanda sau bhagyawati bhava” that means be suhaagan entire existence. Gopi’s expression adjustments. Kokila says she knows Ahem is her existence, but she has to move on in existence with Jaggi. Remaining time, she chose Krishna for her or even then her goal become precise. God sent Jaggi for her and he loves her like Ahem. She gives an instance of kasturi megh/deer and says she does not must accept Kaggi right away and ought to take time until she is at ease. She considers Jaggi as her buddy, she ought to make him lifestyles accomplice. She offers a lengthy ethical gyaan and says it is god’s wish that he selected Jaggi for her. Gopi nods head.
  • Inside the morning, Gopi calls maaji, kakiji, mausiji,, but no person comes out. Jaggi asks what befell. Gopi says nobody appears at domestic, calls their numbers. Kokila calls returned and says they all are going to ambaji’s mandir. Gopi asks how come they made sudden plan. Urmila takes smartphone and says they have got left Jaggi for her and she or he must loosen up. Gopi attempts to speak, but Urmila disconnects name. Kokila asks if they may be doing proper. Urmila says yes. Jaggi says Gopi let us easy house. Gopi asks he….He says why no longer. She walks in…Jaggi thinks he’s going to convince Gopi nowadays in some way.
  • Gaura asks Meera if children are coming home. Meera nods yes. Vidya says circle of relatives has gone to ambaji temple. Meera says they have to ask them to get holy thread. Vidya says maa has no longer gone to temple and is at domestic with Jaggi. Gaura smirks that Modi’s make errors like she plans.
  • Jaggi prepares paranthas for Gopi and says they’re misshaped, however very tasty. Gopi smiles and tastes paranthas and says they are very tasty. A romantic track plays inside the background. Gopi says thanks for being his buddy. Jaggi seems at her and sings music Mai to raaste se jaaraha tha….Mujkho mirchi lagi to… He says every relationship’s begging is with friendship. Gopi receives up and walks closer to her room. Jaggi says she can’t run away from reality.
  • After a while, Gopi sees lights off and calls Jaggi to check. She sees whole residence embellished with balloons and candles and thinsk what is all this. Jaggi begins dancing and singing Mai tera jabar fan hogaya…..To convince her. A masked character enters with bouquet, maintains it near door and sprays some thing. Jaggi keeps making a song and dancing and attempting t persuade Gopi.