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Jamai Raja 23 February 2017 Full Episode 695
Jamai Raja 23 February 2017 Full Episode 695

Jamai Raja 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • The Episode begins with Gangu Tai knocking at the door and breaks open the door. She comes inner and takes the gun in her hand. She says i am ashamed which you are my son, you must have died then. Satya says i’m real Satya, your own blood and you could’t shoot me. I can molest your bahu right infront of your eyes and you can’t do anything. Gangu Tai shoots seeing him laughs. Dhruv holds his chest. Gangu Tai is taken aback….Kajal gets greatly surprised and worries for Dhruv hearing gun sound. Satya hears the bullet sound and is derived there. He sees Dhruv collapsing on ground and takes gun from Gangu Tai’s hand. He acts as if he has shot him. Mahi profits cognizance and sees gun in Satya’s hand. Kajal, Payal and others also come there and spot Dhruv injured and subconscious. Kajal asks him to awaken and turns
  • him. Every body is stunned him dead.
    Gangu Tai sits down shockingly. Payal says Oh my God…what you’ve got achieved Satya…he is dead. Kajal asks Satya, why he killed Dhruv on their marriage day and cries. Inspector comes. Constables takes Dhruv’s frame. Inspector takes gun from Satya’s hand and says it’s miles open and close case. Payal smirks and tells him that Satya is not a assassin. Inspector says courtroom will determine, and arrests him. Mahi tells Inspector that her husband saved her from getting molested, rape via that grimy man. Satya asks her not to tell all these things and asks her to take care of his Aayi. Kajal gets angry and throws her bangles on Satya, announcing he made her widow. She curses Satya.
  • At the police station, Satya sees someone in the lock up, but couldn’t see his face. Mahi comes there and asks Satya, why did he shot Dhruv and need to have managed his anger. Satya says I instructed you that i’ve achieved what I concept is right. Mahi says i’m able to get quality legal professional for you and will get you out from here. Satya says I don’t care about myself and asks her approximately Kajal and Aayi. Mahi says they may be in shock and says she will be able to take care of them. Satya asks her to promise and asks her to hold his Aayi away from Police station and court case. Mahi seems on. Constable asks her to go. Satya leaves her hand. Mahi leaves. Whilst Mahi is leaving, a blind girl collides with her. Mahi says i am sorry. The person sitting in dark asks her if she is pleasant. She says she came with a great deal trouble. Man says this is our lifestyles now. Lady leaves. Satya hears them.
  • Kajal asks Gangu Tai to mention some thing and cries. She asks her to listen to her and cries resting on her lap. Mahi comes there and cries. Payal comes. Mahi says i’m able to’t see all this, I should bail out Satya, please do something. She says anything Satya have completed became to store me, Dhruv became trying to misbehave with me, and don’t understand what would have befell if he had now not come. Payal says I realize Satya’s coronary heart is cleaned and that’s why i have lighted this lamp. Mahi is going. Payal blows the candle and thinks Satya may be completed.
  • Guy tells Satya that he used to work in gun manufacturing facility and noticed owners doing wrong use, and thought to tell Police, then they abducted his daughter and raped her, he cries…..Satya asks him to have patience and says i am with you…God have given you pain and could solve your problems additionally. Guy says owners despatched him right here, and perilous his spouse, he couldn’t discover his daughter yet. They see Inspector putting 2 criminals within the same lock up. They say we’re requested to beat this handicapped man. Satya gets up listening to that and beats the criminals. Guy shouts for help. Inspector takes the criminals to different lock up. Satya asks the man if he is satisfactory. He nods.
  • Mahi talks to lawyer and asks him to take Satya out anyways. Attorney says he is attempting his degree nice, but prosecution have employed city first-class prosecution legal professional. He says he’s going to plead to judge in closed chamber. Mahi thinks Dhruv isn’t always having any relative then who hired the town’s nice lawyer. Payal calls attorney Zaveri and asks him now not to allow Satya get bailed. Zaveri has the same opinion and says he never lost any case.
  • A burqa clad lady (Payal) comes to court docket and sits inside the courtroom. Judge asks Zaveri to start the case. Zaveri says it’s far a cold homicide case, and accused name is Satya. Gangu Tai comes out of shock and asks Mahi to take her to her son Satya with out asking anything. Mahi says he requested me not to take you there. Gangu Tai folds her hand asking her to take her there. Mahi cries. Lawyer Zaveri tells that Satya killed the victim Dhruv in full consciousness. Protection legal professional says this is a lie. Judge asks Satya, if he wishes to inform some thing. Satya says no. Decide says it is proved that Satya is a murderer. Payal reveals her face and put on mask once more. Gangu Tai comes there and says i’m the murderer. Satya and others are bowled over.