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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22 February 2017 Full Episode 410
Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 22 February 2017 Full Episode 410

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Raja recalls about Rani’s cries and tears, as his head bangs in ache. He throws his turban and pretend moustache away.
    There, Rani changed into going upstairs while he comes out to her. He asks her to simply accept she most effective belongs to her Raja. He moves towards her while she backs up, stuck with the staircase. He touches her fingers and face. She hugs him, then turns far from him crying. She says he shouldn’t have come here, he’s a criminal and she or he need to have informed police approximately his go back. It’s due to her love for him as soon as, she is giving him a hazard to go away Amirkot to by no means return. He have to by no means inform everybody about his identification, she would also no longer proportion this with all of us. Raja confronts her announcing he gained’t depart without taking her. He questions if she still loves him. Rani recollects
  • her confessions of love for him, she accepts she doesn’t love him. Raja tells her to look into his eyes, then talk both yes, i like you! Or No, I don’t love You!. Raja needs for fact. Rani says she loves Iqbal simplest, he is her beyond but Iqbal is her gift and her future both. Raja changed into broken, and turns Rani in the direction of him saying she and her Iqbal snatched his happiness from him, however couldn’t clutch his destiny from them. Considering the fact that his destiny added him here, he won’t leave and will show Iqbal whom he loves. Rani says a run out crook must not boasts about his fate a lot. Raja clutches the returned of Rani’s head pronouncing in view that his coronary heart has were given stoned, he would reveal her true face to Iqbal. He’ll now see until whilst she doesn’t betray Iqbal, they will each witness this drama collectively. He can’t permit her love flourish. His hatred will now revenge her. He pushes her down on ground, and leaves crying badly. Rani changed into left crying, and at the same time as walking upstairs she turns in the direction of Raja. Their eyes meet, each run in the direction of every other and hug each other. Rani holds his face crying she will be able to’t live without him. Each hug each different on their locations, and realizes they hadn’t run toward each other in reality. Both left crying one after the other.
    Inside the evening, Angat Singh comes to Rani’s room. He asks Rani if she didn’t inform every person approximately him, if she again fall in love. Rani says she understand Raja knows a little overdue. Raja says if people come to recognise he’s alive, what approximately her and Iqbal’s love story; because then she could be his wife and their love tale will by no means flourish. He shows to announce in the front of the complete international of being alive, as he can’t permit her and Iqbal’s love flourish. He removes his turban, and pretend moustache and shouts around about his name and identity.
    Iqbal became in a hurry to marry Rani. The legal professional says courtroom techniques would make the effort. First of all, they might report an utility inside the courtroom and if someone doesn’t object to their marriage; they could marry every different. Iqbal says nobody may have an objection, it became only Raja who could object but he is no extra. Raja locks the door from inside, she became frightened of being caught. Raja mocks her fear, and indicates a letter to her as a ultimate gift. She reads the divorce deed. Rani asks why? He says the right query might be, what he needs in return? Raja says in return to this, he wishes a night will her. Rani became stunned. Raja changed into equipped to depart Amirkot, simplest if she items him with a marriage night.
    The lawyer is of the same opinion to position the utility. Iqbal became stunned to see Bindu there. Bindu came to invite him for dinner, as they’re leaving final night time. Iqbal wonders why are they leaving. Bindu changed into careworn, she mutters it’s their trouble, no, it’s Raja’s… then turns to go away. Iqbal catches her words.
    Raja clutches Rani near himself.