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Mehek 23 February 2017 Full Episode 114
Mehek 23 February 2017 Full Episode 114

Mahek 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Scene 1
    Balwan slips from his chair. Mahek and shaurya run towards him. Shaurya picks him up. They all come and provide him water. Jevan says all of us left please don’t fear. Shaurya says I promise you the community you were insulted in the front of, my mother will make an apology you in front of them all. Mahek says don’t strive some thing. If you can do anything please pass from here. I instructed you which you and that i are very one-of-a-kind. That day your made my drink and now this. Enough is enough. If police arrests my uncles what might we do? What should we do these days? They ruined our house. You desired to be a part of this lifestyles? Don’t try and make a relation in an effort to hurt all and sundry. You were all taking his aspect. I told you if he lives right here we will all have to pay. Kanta says mahek relax. Mahek says no. What
  • show up these days will by no means be forgotten. We are middle class. If police is available in our places our members of the family are damaged forever. In their residence police works as guards.
    Mahek is packing Shuarya’s stuff. HE says please don’t do that in anger. This is about our lives. Mahek says i have tolerated you sufficient. You received’t live here anymore. She says move from here. I don’t love you. This is what you desired to listen right? I don’t love you. We will in no way be one. We are from one of a kind worlds.
  • Mahek says Shaurya is leaving this area and nobody will speak approximately him here anymore. Nehal says di you said he’ll live here for five days. You could’t spoil your very own guidelines. Mahek throws the whole thing. Mahek tears the list of regulations and throws it on his face. Shaurya touches PD and Kanta’s feet. Nehal I wont let you go. Shaurya says you could’t stop human beings from he is leaving. Mahek sits there crying. Anyone hugs her.
    Shaurya is on his manner. Mahek comes to her room. She is in tears. Shaurya remembers mahek asking him to go away. The tune ‘jo bheji thi dua’.
  • Vaitalana says to Karuna I just went there to locate my ring I needed to. Shaurya listens to all this.
    Mahek says I know warm to restore anybody’s mood. They may be all fixing the stuff in house. Mahek says I made panjeri for all and sundry. Consume it, it has dry culmination. Nobody responds to her.