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Yeh Vaada Raha 20 January 2017 Watch Online
Yeh Vaada Raha 20 January 2017 Watch Online

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Scene 1
    Kamini does their grehparvesh. Pratap says permit do rituals. Kamini says I must do the munh dikhai ritual with my buddies. So guys must go.
    Kamini says girls, look who is here. That’s Khushi. Permit’s begin the ritual. A woman says she is pretty however her eyes are squint. Kamini says what are you pronouncing? Kamini says maybe because she is wearing lenses. Any other says maybe that’s because her nose is a little tilt. Can you dance? Khushi says I realize a way to dance and a way to make others dance as properly. If you force me i’m able to pressure you as well. Kamini says they are just teasing you. Anyway its your first day here. I need you to have first drink from my palms. Khushi says I don’t drink. Kamini says there gained’t be any trouble. She makes Khushi drink. Pratap
  • sees her. Khushi starts dancing with Kamini on ‘sasu ji tu big apple meri’.
    Pratap says abeer you are so fortunate. Khushi is a nice female. She is aware of a way to behave. Abeer says what is this? Pratap says I assume your mother made incorrect girl drink. Kamini says God. Khushi says now your flip mom in law. She has a belt in hand. Abeer says Khushi. Khushi says abeer your mom made me drink forcefully and she or he made me dance. However I danced properly. I don’t know why all her buddy had been scared. I told your mom don’t make me drink however she didn’t concentrate. You ask your mom if she has conventional me then do it absolutely. Abeer says I talk to her. Give me this hunter first. Pratap says abeer take her to her room.
    Khushi says abeer you are cute He says sit here. Khushi says in which are you going? He says i am here. She says you won’t leave me? He says no i can stay right here with you. She says appropriate boy. Khushi falls asleep. Abeer is going downstairs. Abeer says mother you made her drink you then made her dance? What had been you wondering? Kamini says I concept she could experience humiliated and could go away. She is so stupid she is loopy. Abeer says mother you spoiled my temper. Kamini says why are you saying that. Abeer says you made my wife drink. I’m able to in no way forgive you. He has seen pratap coming in. Abeer leaves. Pratap says befor Khushi kicks you out you better leave.
    Khushi wakes up and sees abeer with women out of doors. She recollects how he fooled her. Abeer says so that you saw the whole thing? Exceptional. That day I came to apologize you. You slapped me and that was your mistake. Appearance what you have got carried out. You ruined your existence. Now imagine if a man comes overdue every night time home with 3 women. Humans will say trouble is along with his wife. She will be able to’t maintain her husband satisfied. And you understand whats the funny party. You invited yourself in this hell.Now allow me welcome you to this hell. Khushi says you played and fooled my and your very own dad but if you think you fooled me too then you definately are wrong because I never relied on you. I relied on people i did. I don’t wanna blame anybody. In case you roam with 3 women i’m able to roam with six women you can imagine what people will say. Perhaps some thing is incorrect together with her husband. I will make your life living hell. She says we have a ritual that women wear mangalsutra the wrong way up until the whole lot fixes. I must restoration you in a 12 months.