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Beyhadh 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Even as Arjun is playing the island, his boat goes away. Water comes on him and he realises his boat has gone away and now he has no way to head again.
  • Saanjh is sad. She’s searching at her and Arjun’s pix. Her mum sees this and feels unhappy for Saanjh. She tries to divert her mind, but fails.
  • Arjun tries to name his team, however there’s no community. He screams for help as water begins masking the island.
  • Maya sees team’s boat coming and receives happy thinking Arjun is in there. On no longer seeing him, she receives tensed. She asks her crew approximately him. The group says they warned him approximately the high tide, however he changed into now not prepared to pay attention to them. He sent them away and said he’ll come later.
  • Arjun is screaming for help.
  • Saanjh falls asleep and a candle falls on her
  • images. Arjun’s photo gets burned. She receives worried for Arjun.
    A crew member tells Maya what if whatever takes place to Arjun. Maya slaps her for thinking like that and warns her if some thing happens to him, then she won’t spare her. Maya is going to save Arjun herself regardless of her group announcing it’s volatile.
  • Saanjh is making an attempt to name Arjun. Suman says what craziness is this? Saanjh says Arjun is in problem. Suman says then ask someone in office. Saanjh calls Riya who informs her approximately Arjun’s scenario. Saanjh is bowled over. Her dad tells her not to overreact. Arjun’s crew is there. They will shop him. Saanjh is concerned pronouncing ‘my Arjun’ ‘my Arjun’. Her dad loses his cool and says he’s now not your Arjun. He’s Maya’s Arjun. Saanjh cries and asks her dad to do some thing. Arjun is by myself there. Her dad walks away. Saanjh tells Suman that she’s scared for Arjun. Sumar says nothing will show up to ‘your Arjun’.
  • Maya is searching Arjun. Arjun is screaming for help. He’s relived seeing a ship coming toward him. It’s Maya’s boat. Arjun jumps in joy like a child. Maya receives down and runs closer to him. Arjun says thank God you got here.. I used to be so afraid. Maya pushes him asking you have been afraid? He falls down. She grabs his collar and asks what he thinks of himself. If he thinks his life has no price, then ask her. He’s her ‘jaan’. She beats him up and scolds he’s so selfish, only thinks approximately himself. She doesn’t even understand swimming.. What if she had drowned. Now she receives mad and tells him that he’s going to most effective do as she says. He’ll walk at the route which she tells him to walk on. She asks k? He nods. She takes his hand and takes him to the boat. Arjun walks in the back of Maya in her foot prints within the sand! They leave.
  • Saanjh’s dad offers her price ticket to Mauritius and tells her to shop Arjun. He says she’s here, however her coronary heart and thoughts is there in Mauritius considering Arjun left. He offers her a chain announcing Suman made it for Saanjh’s husband. He asks Saanjh to go and convey Arjun again. However that is her ultimate danger. He tells her to move and recommend him. If he accepts the suggestion, then she can get all happiness. But if he rejects the thought, then she can never consider Arjun again and receive her dad’s choice. He asks her for promise. Saanjh promises him and thanks him. Her dad needs her the great.
  • Maya is still furious and scolding Arjun. Does he experience seeing Maya like this? She tells him that is sufficient. Don’t make a person helpless that her love will become her weak spot and no longer power. He tries to close her up, however she maintains scolding. He receives up and covers her mouth. He asks her to look the view round.. There may be no each day troubles, there is no everyday’s humans. Here is simply them .. A ways far from every person.
  • Saajnh’s family encourages her and needs her the first-rate as she leaves for the airport.
  • Maya is sitting in Arjun’s palms. Arjun tells her that life is not in beyond or destiny.. It’s in gift second… this second in which they may be collectively. He asks her to live this moment. Neglect her disappointment, troubles, everything. He takes her hand in his and places it inside the water. He asks what if some thing had sincerely took place to him nowadays. She says, you’re my jaan. How might I be capable of stay if something had passed off to my jaan?. Maya falls asleep. Arjun sees a flower and recollects him saying he’s going to deliver that unique flower to a unique individual who will are available in his lifestyles. He appears at Maya and recollects her presenting him…their close moments… Maya’s care for him. He is going to kiss her forehead and episode ends.