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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Rajini enters by using breaking window. Each sellers why did she do this? Rajini says please make me version even. Sellers decides to give her drink even. And deliver her permission.
    Shaan drink water. Dhyan, surili and maggie inform him that today DNA will document will come.
    Surili blackmails him, shaan says that its not like that.
  • RAM ask shaan to forestall and watch for even as. I know i you alot. Please concentrate to me I understand you’re author of my MOBO. I saw you fixing her hand. Please CPU I request you to fix my MOBO. RAM emotionally blackmail Shaan. Shaan says ok i can do for you. RAM goes.
    Just than RAM understand that he did no longer thank CPU. He returns.
    Shaan talks to himself and says that i am Sorry Chotu/RAM I lied to you, I shall by no means restore Rajini. DNA reports will come and everthing will cease. RAM listens and get sad.
  • Rajini beverages drink and make agents confuse as their dozing capsules had been now not operating on rajini. They ask her to trade fast. Rajini scans but couldn’t locate sharmila.
  • RAM tries to locate some clue in Lab and discover some thing like mom borad or Cd type something. Its TAB of Shaan.
  • Rajini thinks to make agents busy in photoshoot, they deliver her bikini dress however she make that get dressed like jogging dress and ask them to shoot. They shoot and she or he make smile faces and make sellers in tension. Dealers get tensed. Rajini makes them in problem.
  • RAM check that device and get to recognize that its password protected and think why its password blanketed while CPU use cell.
    RAM attempts to get fingre prints of Shaan but fails.
  • Rajini beats retailers and get faint(due to a few error). Sharmila comes and they ask her to dispose of garments. She get tensed. Due to some hassle RAM restart that device and rajini receives up.