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May I Come in Madam 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • The Episode starts offevolved with Sanju going to greet Sanjana in her cabin. She hears track. He stops music and she scolds him. She asks how did you come back with out permission. He says I asked permission, but you probably did not listen it as tune became loud. She flirts with him. His imagination ends. She asks whats wrong with you. He says no, i was doing exercising, what were you pronouncing. She says you know my first-rate buddy these days married and commenced preventing. He says its commonplace aspect. She says its wrong, the female isn’t satisfied while she goes inlaws. What do men do, you men don’t have any sensitivity. He says I m now not like that. She says even you are like that, you maybe better than relaxation, in case you get remarried, you may better husband, I mean when guy fails in marriage, he receives mature and gets better character, I don’t assume I
  • gets married, else it will likely be with a divorced guy.
    Sanju receives Kashmira’s name. She says cross on, I want to listen husband and wife conversation. Kashmira asks him to get vegs. Its night, Khiloni receives under the influence of alcohol and taunts Sanju. Sanju says madam informed she will marry divorced guy, I want to go away Kashmira. Kashmira hears this and gets irritated. Sanju says Kashmira is mad female, she referred to as me and requested me to get vegs. Khiloni says all wives are equal. Sanju says no, my one is unique, see her mum’s individual.
  • Khiloni asks him to relax. Kashmira packs Sanju’s bag and throws out. She says you’ll get divorce papers quickly. She shuts door. Sanju asks did you pay attention us, we had been simply speaking, concentrate to me. She cries. Kaisa hai ishq…..Performs…. Sanju sits worried. Khiloni says why did you get upset now, Lord heard you, now you are divorced, go to madam and tell her no longer to find everyone, and marry you. Sanju says Kashmira made me leave home. Khiloni asks him to come to his home. Sanju is going with him.
  • Sanju shouts to Kashmira and says its precise you made me go away, else i might have made you all go away. Kashmira receives greatly surprised. Its morning, Sanjana involves office. Sanju comes jogging. Tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam…..Performs….. He thank you her for expecting her. She says i was watching for raise. They get in the carry. He reminds what she said the day gone by about divorce. She says yes, what about that. He says Kashmira and i fought final night time, she decided to offer me divorce. She asks what, are you kidding me. He says no, I m severe. He says I feel terrible for you, you both appeared suitable collectively. He says I look desirable with many. She says I m positive you did some thing so she left you. He asks her to come back to his facet. She asks what.
  • He says I m giving you hint simply. She says I recognize, I need time, I did no longer see you as my BF. She is going. Carry man says some human beings are very imply. Sanju says I apprehend, i’m able to spoil your mouth. Chedi involves Sanju. He asks is there any problem. Sanju says no, get black espresso for me. Chedi asks why is he tensed. Sanju says its mystery, I m looking ahead to a lady’s respond. Chedi asks and your wife. Sanju says we got separated. Chedi says its pleasant feeling, you feel woman will say sure. Sanju says right.
  • Chedi asks who is the female, tell me. Sanjana comes and says alright I m ready to move on date with you. Chedi and Sanju get bowled over. She goes. Chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. He scolds Sanju. Sanju says you heard proper, you may’t do some thing. Chedi angrily leaves.
  • Kashmira cooks. Mummy asks her not to prepare dinner awful in unhappiness. She says Sanju is so horrific, he went silently, he did not come to express regret. Kashmira says my coronary heart says he’ll come lower back. Mummy says he will come to take his assets. Sanju comes home. He says i got here to take my belongings. Mummy plays music. Aaj jaane ki zidh na karo….. Sanju takes his clothes. Bhupesh says this music isn’t for you. Kashmira receives sad. He leaves. Kashmira looks on.
  • Sanju performs recreation with Khiloni and others. He gets Sanjana’s message. She asks him to satisfy at pub, and get a rose, its our first date. Sanju gets happy and says I m going. Sanjana and Sanju meet at the date. Chedi and Ramwati/mummy also are there in same restaurant. Sanju says I m staying with Khiloni and had a drink there. She asks him did he get rose or forgot. He suggests the rose and offers her. She thank you him. Chedi sees them and receives indignant.
  • Chedi tells Ramwati to peer Sanju with Sanjana. She gets indignant. Sanjana asks did you combat with Kashmira to go on date with me. Sanju says no, why. She says you look glad after divorce. He says I m frustrated inside. She says then why did you return, it method you’re lacking Kashmira