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Kalash 9 March 2017 Full Episode on LIFE OK HD
Kalash 9 March 2017 Full Episode on LIFE OK HD

Kalash 2nd January 2017 Written Update

  • Scene 1
    Janki says where have to we discover her? Ravi says i’m worried as properly. Ambika calls Janki and says ma I recognise who become behind this. I will come home and tell you everything. My cellphone is ready to show off. I am coming domestic. You come back there too. Janki tells Ravvi. Jankit receives calls from office. She says what? Janki says how can you try this mistake? The ones files are essential for us. I am coming there. Ravi says is the whole thing k? Janki says i will should to head workplace. Ravi says i can drop you.
    Ambika comes domestic. Vicky says are you ok? Ravi and your mother left to discover you. AMbika says yes I referred to as them. I told them i am on my way. Vicky says you must move rest. Navi says wait a minute. Ambika says what is this? Navi says you ruined our day. You watched what you did after that i will let
  • you pass. Why you did this with ravi? Ravi is so first-class. He’s any such correct husband. You hired a settlement killer to kill him. Why? Ambika says close up I don’t need to speak to you. Navi says you recognize i love ravi. I gained’t tolerate every person seeking to damage ravi. Vikcy says shut up. You may’t speak to her like this. Navi says you close up up. I take care of ravi greater than you. I gained’t go away ambika. Monty says why might shooter lie? She is accountable for this. She tried to kill my brother. Ambika says I don’t care what you think of me. We will communicate as soon as ravi is domestic. Police is available in. They says we need to arrest you. There’s an strive of homicide case in opposition to you. Vicky says she has now not performed anything. She is ravi’s spouse. This is all a lie. She will be able to’t do that. Monty says arrest her don’t pay attention to absolutely everyone. I heard her talking to to assassin. Ambika says allow ravi and my mother come. Inspector says we are able to’t watch for all and sundry Vikcy says you may’t take her. Ambika says nobody would accept as true with us vicky. She leaves with police. Ambika says permit me name my mother once. I have to name her to police station.
    Manager says to Janki I received’t repeat this error once more. Ambika calls from officer’s smartphone. Janki says what took place? She says police has arrested me. Janki is dazed. Janki says i am coming there don’t fear.
  • Ravi comes domestic and says all you human beings? Police arrested ambika and also you all stayed pretty. Vicky says I tried however none of them listened to me. Ravi says cahchi you may do something. Manju says monty loves you. Ravi says Ambika is harmless. She can never do this. She is my wife. Navi says monty’s response become natural. He cares for you. That thug took Ambika’s name.I recognize her she betrayed me too. Ravi says close up now not a unmarried phrase towards her. Did i ask you ways she is? I don’t need to. Maintain your judgments to yourself. She is innocent. I recognize you all too. Selfish humans. Vicky says you’re wasting some time on those humans go to police station and shop her. I can come with you. Ravi says you are proper however you stay here i am going.
  • Janki says my daughter is harmless. This is a false declare. How are you going to arrest her. Launch my daughter. Inspector says she has an FIr towards her. Monty noticed her speaking to shooter. Janki says what’s the evidence? He says how can you say he’s lying? Janki says call your ACP. Inspector says he has been transferred. You can’t purchase me from cash. Janki says i am not bribing you. Janki says i will take my daughter from right here. Ambika says ma we have to speak to lawyer. Its approximately some time. This won’t training session this way. It’s Ravi’s time to prove his love and accept as true with on me. Janki says he’s going to come running right here. He loves you. I’m able to’t leave you alone right here. Ambika says go and talk to legal professional. They lock her up.
    Saket says to navi you have to have asked me. Navi says this turned into monty’s idea. He got here up with this. Saket says this could’t happen. Navi says what is your hassle? Saket says he didn’t take our names. However whats the point of FIR? We can get stuck too. This is wrong. Navi says what you want? You hired the shooter to kill ambika. Now you are mad approximately being her in jail? What are you hiding from me? SAket leaves.