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Kasam 18 February 2017 Full Episode
Kasam 18 February 2017 Full Episode

Kasam 3rd January 2017 Written Update

  • Smiley says she is the only to be kicked out of the house. Tanuja asks Smiley why she is saving her, Smiley complains that Tanuja has been saving her for such a lot of days. Tanuja wonders what Smiley did, Smiley replies just what she need to have performed honestly in advance. Ahana slaps Smiley, and questions if she even recognize what pregnancy is; is she mendacity. Smiley says without a doubt Tanuja is lying. Ahana insists Tanuja is a liar, she lied to get the whole lot however why Smiley is mendacity. Smiley agrees, that Tanuja has lied however for their circle of relatives’s grace. She holds Tanuja’s hands, apologizing as simplest due to her Tanuja ought to have lost every of her relation. She cries that it’s all her fault. Manpreet is going to slap Smiley hard on face. Smiley receives to Ahana’s toes that i’m sorry, please forgive me. Ahana jerks her away, forbidding
  • her to name her mama. Tanuja holds Smiley up, she says she knew they won’t understand Smiley and that is why she didn’t proportion it with them. She isn’t justifying, she committed a big mistake however she need to be forgiven. Malaika questions why there was Tanuja’s name at the report. Tanuja says name brings the shame. Smiley explains Tanuja went for foot X-ray at the same time as she turned into talking to her pal in health center on name. Tanuja heard her speak, and was worried that they ought to speak to her boyfriend’s parents. Smiley requested her to allow her boyfriend communicate to his dad and mom; she had warned Tanuja of suicide if she stocks this with every person. Tanuja caressed her, then promised no longer to inform absolutely everyone about it. Tanuja says she spoke to doctor inside the sanatorium and got her name written. Malaika insists medical doctors don’t do that. Tanuja replies they do, her physician become Smiley’s gynaec’s husband and they understood approximately their society and norms. Smiley qualifies Tanuja turned into afraid about her attempt to suicide, about her circle of relatives’s grace and the whole thing. They thought approximately locating a way, however nowadays all of them started out to kick her out of this home this way. She apologizes Tanuja once more, then walks to her Chucks, joins her fingers in a sorry and runs inside.
    Raaj is going towards Tanuja, then orders Malaika to take Tanuja’s bags again to her room. He speaks to Rishi that he knew she is hiding some thing; couldn’t he see the reality in her eyes. She became hiding some thing that left each member of their circle of relatives a liar. Smiley is one daughter who misplaced all her disgrace, and Tanuja bid her own self to shop their grace. Bee ji consoles Tanuja with the aid of protecting her hand, then turns to the couch as she feels ill. Rishi walks toward Tanuja, and best appears closer to her helplessly.
    in the room, Rishi asks Tanuja if she recognise the meaning of a daughter, she is a part of father’s liver; a shadow of dad and mom. She come as rich into the house. He usually taken into consideration her a daughter, but she lied to him, her circle of relatives and her husband even to herself. He wonders why she stored on listening, even to Malaika who is an intruder. She would have left this residence the ultimate second, if Smiley hadn’t stored her. Tanuja says she didn’t need to depart the residence, however she was afraid to show approximately Smiley’s reality. to hide this truth she lied, to save this family’s grace; daughters are recognize of the residence. She turned into concerned for the honor of this house, this belongs to her in any case; how could she left him to disgrace. There are 1000 family members with a daughter of the residence, she couldn’t sacrifice the ones thousand relations; and holds them costlier than her own self. Raaj boasts to have Tanuja has her daughter, for a while. Manpreet and Ahana come in the room, Manpreet comes to Tanuja crying and says a sorry to Tanuja, wondering why she even hid the fact from him as well. today he additionally suspected her, he had attempted some of instances to inquire. He complains she didn’t do nicely, then apologizes again. Tanuja accepts she feels awkward, Smiley was his daughter and he had a right to recognise about it. Ahana joins her palms to Tanuja in apology.